Support the Right to Read

11 Jun 2013 2:49 PM | Deleted user

Time is running out: Sign this White House petition to ensure the right to read for the visually impaired.


Next week the World Intellectual Property Organization will meet to negotiate an international treaty for the blind. Big companies like Exxon, GE, and Caterpillar have been working hard to restrict accessible book formats from the blind.


Making reading materials more available to the blind will not negatively impact these companies whatsoever, and yet they fight against the right to read. Please sign the petition today and urge the Obama Administration to support the right to read.


Here’s how to sign the petition.

  1. You must have account to sign the petition but it is very easy to obtain one.
  2. Simply click the ‘Create An Account” button. You will be asked your name and email.
  3. Upon entering that information, you will receive an email from with a link back to the petition.

Once you click that link, your account will be verified and you can sign the petition.