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July 19, 2023: DCLA Statement of Support for ALA in Response to the Montana State Library Commission Decision to Withdraw from ALA

In light of recent actions taken by the Montana State Library Commission to cancel their institutional membership to the American Library Association (ALA), the Executive Board of the District of Columbia Library Association (DCLA) reaffirms its unwavering commitment to ALA, intellectual freedom, and to the cause of libraries as a public institution serving the public good. 

As the oldest and largest professional association dedicated to libraries and library workers, ALA membership provides individuals and organizations invaluable opportunities for continuing education, grants and scholarships, and a vibrant community of practice wherein a diverse membership develops standards and practices for libraries and librarians. The DCLA Board opposes the action of the Montana State Library Commission as a grave disservice to Montana’s State Library workers and patrons. 

DCLA has been an officially recognized chapter of ALA for over 100 years (1) and is proud to have many ALA member-leaders among its membership. Eight past presidents of DCLA have also served as ALA Presidents (2). We strongly encourage all DCLA members, local libraries, library workers, and library supporters across the Washington, DC region to maintain or establish ALA membership in this crucial moment. 

DCLA is proud to be a state chapter of ALA. We stand in solidarity with all state chapters, ALA members, ALA leadership, and ALA staff. We also encourage our state chapter colleagues to reaffirm their support for ALA. 

DCLA is steadfast in its commitment to intellectual freedom and the transformative work of libraries and we look forward to contributing to ALA’s continued success. 


The DCLA Executive Board

[View and download a PDF of this statement here]


(1) DCLA became a chapter of ALA on June 28, 1922

(2)  DCLA Presidents who also served as ALA President: Herbert Putnam (DCLA President 1920-1922; ALA President Jan. 1898 – Aug. 1898, 1903–1904); William W. Bishop (DCLA President 1910-1912; ALA President 1918-1919); Herman H. B. Meyer (DCLA President 1914-1916; DCLA President 1924-1925); Lucile M. Morsch (DCLA President 1954-1955; ALA President 1957-1958); Elizabeth W. Stone (DCLA President 1966-1967; ALA President 1981-1982); Hardy R. Franklin (DCLA President 1992-1993; ALA President 1993-1994); Molly Raphael (DCLA President 1987-1988; ALA President 2011-2012); Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. (DCLA President 2015-2016; ALA President 2020-2021)

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