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DCLA Award Recipients

Ainsworth Rand Spofford President's Award Recipients

Name(s) Year
Elizabeth Stone 1990
Eileen Cooke 1991
David Shumaker
Bernadine Hoduski
Hardy Franklin 1995
John Y. Cole 1996
Metroplitan Washington Council of Governments 1998
Patricia Wilson Berger 2001
Winston Tabb 2002
Dr. Robert S. Martin 2003
William R. Gordon 2004
Francis J. Buckley 2005
American Library Association Washington Office 2006
Dr. Martha Hale 2007
Roberta Stevens 2009
Nancy Gwinn   2012
Lubuto Library Project   2013
D.C. Jail Library Coalition 2014
Beacher Wiggins 2015
David S. Mao 2016

Lillian Gassie
Julius Jefferson Jr.


Community Service Award Recipients

Name(s) Year
Gail Sonneman                                                1998
Jill Bogard 2000
Shirley Loo 2002
Elisabeth Knauff 2003
Mary Faith Pankin 2004
Alice Hagemeyer 2005
Sharon Lenius 2006
Richard Huffine 2009
Abby Yochelson  2013 

Jesse Lambertson, Head of Cataloging and Metadata, Georgetown Law Library
Emily Wagner, American Library Association


Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Name(s) Year
Murray Howder 1988       
Darrell Lemke 1989
Shirley Loo 1991
Mary Feldman 1992
Susan Fifer Canby 1993
Kathryn Ray 1994
Jacque-Lynne Schulman 1995
Gail W. Avery 1996
Charlotte Smutko 1997
Sue Uebelacker 1998
Maryellen Trautman 1999
Peggy Flynn 2000
Mary Augusta Thomas 2001
Fred King 2002
Patricia Wand 2003
Bill Tuceling 2004
Susan Randolph 2005
Mike Kolakowski 2006
Noel Rutherford 2007
Student Financial Assistance Committee (composed of Shirley Loo, William Tuceling, Jean Craigwell,
Sue Uebelacker, and Elisabeth Knauff)
Barbara Folensbee-Moore 2009
April King 2012 
Barbara Conaty  2013

David Shumaker
MGySgt Jane Cross, "The President's Own" United States Marine Band


Elizabeth W. Stone Outstanding New Leader Award Recipients

Name(s) Year
Christopher Corrigan and Rebecca Trinite 2013
Victor Benitez 2015
Christina M. Bailey
Maria Thurber, Library of Congress


Other DCLA Award Recipients
Name(s) Year/Purpose
Paul Berry Silver bowl, presented at annual banquet May, 30, 1980
President and Mrs. Carter Plaque presented at the White House New Member Reception November, 11, 1978 for their "support and assistance."
Mary Feldman Plaque presented at 1983 at annual banquet for her many years of service as Intercom editor.
Shirley Loo Plaque presented May 18, 1983 at annual banquet for her work as Assistant Treasurer on a brand-new mailing list for DCLA.
Darrell Lemke Certificate presented May 20, 1996, at annual banquet for his contributions to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Library Federation
Mrs. Laura Bush Plaque presented at White House Reception, April 7, 2003, opening National Library Week
Anne Osterman Certificate of Appreciation awarded at 2007 Annual Banquet for "extraordinary contributions as a first year member of DCLA."

Barbara Conaty

Steven Rowley

Certificate of Appreciation awarded at 2009 Annual Banquet for service as Editor of the DCLA newsletter

National bestselling author ("Lily and the Octopus" and "The Editor) - Special Achievement Award

President's Award (Given to Outgoing DCLA Presidents)

Name(s) Year and Affiliation
Candice Townsend 2018 - Library of Congress
Nicholas Alexander Brown 2019 - Washington Performing Arts


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