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Call for Board Nonimations

28 Mar 2016 1:13 PM | Deleted user

Dear Colleagues,

The District of Columbia Library Association is looking for volunteers to serve a two- or three-year term on the Board, which leads our Association in providing programming, networking, scholarships, and advocacy for libraries. 

Help us remain a growing thriving library organization serving the DC metro community by considering running for a position on the Board or encouraging those you think may be interested! 

If you would like to self-nominate or nominate someone else for an open position (we will confirm his/her willingness to stand for election), please contact Christina Bailey,

The four open positions and an overview of their duties are as follows:

President-Elect/Vice President

The President-Elect/Vice President acts as the Program Chair for the Association and coordinates all events, programs, receptions, and lectures throughout the first year of their term. In the second year, this person convenes and Chairs the Board of Directors and provides leadership for the Association. In the third year, this person takes on special projects and sits on the nominating committee. The President-Elect/Vice President can draw on Interest Group Chairs and other members of the association to host and support the programming provided.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the Association. The Treasurer is also responsible for informing interest groups and committees about financial procedures. In particular, the Treasurer.

1. Receives all monies paid to the Association and makes all disbursements required for authorized bills;
2. Keeps accurate, up-to-date accounts of receipts and disbursements and reports to the Executive Board on a monthly basis;
3. Prepares an annual budget for Executive Board approval;
4.  Establishes procedures for receipts and disbursements involving interest groups and committees; maintains and distributes DCLA forms for reimbursement;
5. Maintains checking, savings, and investment accounts on behalf of the Association; prudently shifts money between accounts; advises Board when circumstances warrant consideration of shift of accounts to another institution;
6.  Prepares an annual report of DCLA financial affairs for the Executive Board;
7.  Collects mail from the DCLA mailbox and is responsible for payment of annual fee box rental;
9. Maintains files on IRS tax-exempt status, D.C. Corporations Commission and other official filing, and charter/incorporation papers  

Membership Director

The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining the membership records and listserv for the


In particular, the Membership Director:

  1. Maintains the members-only DCLA listserv; notifies Secretary of new members each month before publication of Capital Librarian newsletter; 
  2. Provides membership statistics through monthly reports to DCLA board using information gathered from the DCLA Membership CMS
  3. Provides information to DCLA Board such as whether a specific individual is a member;
  4. Assists in resolving problems involving individual memberships;
  5. Serves as liaison with ALA for DCLA/ALA Joint Membership Program;
  6. Recruits DCLA members to serve on Membership Committee;
  7. Works with DCLA board and Membership Committee to plan annual Fall Member Receptio and social gatherings like trivia and happy hours throughout the year.

Systems Director

The Systems Director is responsible for providing and maintaining updates to the DCLA website and electronic communications. In particular, the Systems Director: 

1. Maintains the back end of the website and membership management CMS
2. Maintains the listservs
3. Develops tutorials and training on tech systems used for Board members
4. Researches and advises on the best systems to facilitate Association and Board business

ALA Council Representative

The ALA Council Representative is responsible for representing the Association and its Executive Board within the American Library Association. The Chapter Representative is a voting member of the ALA Council and as such must exercise a considerable degree of independence, initiative, and judgment in voting and representing DCLA on the ALA Council. In particular, the Chapter Representative:

1. Attends the twice yearly conferences of the American Library Association and specifically attends the ALA Council sessions;

2. Represents and/or presents positions and wishes of the D. C. Library Association on ALA Council matters and issues;

3. Reports back to the Executive Board and the membership the decisions made by the ALA Council and its areas of concern;

4. Reports regularly to the ALA Chapter Council Office the issues, programs, and activities taking place in the Association;

5. Promotes both ALA activities and services in the Washington area.

To learn more about these positions, browse


2016 DCLA Nominating Committee

Christina Miracle Bailey, Chair

Mailing Address:
DC Library Association
 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE
 Unit #: 1653
Washington, DC 20013
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