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Library Aide- LAC Group

  • 03 Jun 2019 12:48 PM
    Message # 7553338

    Position Title:

    Library Aide- LAC Group

    Position Description:

    LAC Group is seeking Library Aides for a temporary shifting assignment on-site at a major Federal library in Washington, D.C. This is a full-time contract (40 hours a week; Monday-Friday) position, no benefits. The project will start with the Team Lead on September 16, 2019 to review the collection and prepare for the shift. The Library Aides responsible for shifting the collection will join the Team Lead starting November 4, 2019. The project will conclude on January 3, 2020.


    Tasks to be completed require physical stamina and agility and attention to detail, including:
    Continuous standing, walking, lifting, bending and stooping to retrieve, re-shelve, shift, and update collections or to adjust shelves and move books from one location to another
    Pushing/pulling fully loaded book trucks weighing up to 300 pounds
    Loading and unloading wire baskets or carts with books and unbound materials
    Balancing on step ladders while pulling, moving, or re-shelving materials on the top shelves
    Sorting materials in general category order and distributing these materials onto sorting shelves for further arranging
    Arranging materials on book trucks (in item-specific call number order) from the sorting shelves or distribution trucks
    Shelving materials of various sizes, weight, and quantities
    Using hand-wheels to access compact shelving ranges


    Ability to follow detailed instructions and organize large quantities of materials
    Experience retrieving and refiling library materials according to the Library of Congress Classification System.
    Ability to sort, arrange, and shelve legal materials, including bound volumes and unbound pieces; the ability to respond to requests for legal and legislative materials from the agency’s closed stack collection, locating and delivering items within 15 to 30 minutes
    Ability to lift and move boxes/carts over 50lbs; Ability to Pushing/pulling fully loaded book trucks weighing up to 300 pounds
    Lead must be able to start by September 16, 2019; Aides by November 4, 2019

    Application Process:



Mailing Address:
DC Library Association
 2 Massachusetts Ave. NE
 Unit #: 1653
Washington, DC 20013
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